Product of a Postcode’s vision is a future where every person has the opportunity to become the very best version of themselves. Our mission is to empower our young and disadvantaged through the passionate provision of real, meaningful education to make positive life choices.



Registered Charity Number UK: 1157899


  • Product of a Postcode is a charity that was set up in 2014 in memory of Kim Hutton a youth worker in London’s East End, by her brother Gary.
  • For the first seven years POAP managed to run on zero grant funding; surviving solely through donations and fund raising events only.
  • Product of a Postcode was founded in order to provide mentoring and guidance to the young people of Inner-City London and now have expanded across the UK.
  • Due to the success and popularity of POAPs services provided, the Charity’s reputation has grown whereby we have now worked with mainstream schools, PRUs, prisons, young offenders’ institutions, local authorities and several professional football clubs. We are now in a position to expand regionally, and nationally to continue our work.

Services & What We Do


Alternative provision in schools for pupils in and outside mainstream education. Our workshops cover many topics relevant to young people moving forward and provides high quality teaching and learning based on effective relationships as our facilitators are highly trained in house which help young people to progress and succeed in sustained education. 

Working in-school or off-site to support your curriculum or in a programmes and services

  • Our re-engagement program to engage young people at risk of low attendance or social exclusion
  • Transition workshops prepare for the transition from primary to secondary and from secondary to adult education.
  • improve academic attainment, behaviour, self-confidence and self-esteem self-worth
  • Goal setting with clear goals and outcomes
  • provide in-full or supplement your current PSHE programme, including drugs awareness, alcohol awareness, sexual health, gangs and crime, leadership, team building, problem solving and working with others. 


Offender management, violence reduction interventions, and rehabilitation programs. Working with young people and adults, we provide intervention workshops that are focused on building strong, consistent and trusting long term relationships to help unlock potential and make positive changes in young peoples lives, to go on and become a part of the wider community. We want to build relationships alongside case management in prisons and resettlement work to provide the long term support needed for positive outcomes and to reduce reoffending.

Our unique approach with our fight for a better life program to  engage with your people as back to work engagement and offender management and rehabilitation tool focusing on building strong relationships out in the community with service users, providing long term support to promote positive outcomes and reduce reoffending 

  • assessing risks and needs and establishing a personalised action plan creating pathways that fit 
  • building high-quality relationships with our service users and partners
  • recruiting volunteer mentors to support our work, including peer mentoring for people with convictions as we have a proven track record this work.
  • working closely with Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs), National Probation Service, Police and other criminal justice and resettlement agencies so we create a better community for all.