Registered Charity Number UK: 1157899

Product of a Postcode is a charity working with young people helping them find a better path in life. We have are raising funds for our Dreams and Passions Campaign.


Our aim is to push forward and help young people with there passions, not all young people are academically gifted but with the right financial help they can go on to fulfil there dreams.

will help in cases where help is needed, sport, drama, and the arts is  good tools for changing young people life’s and putting young people on a better life path, as not all young people in our communities have the means to take part in there passion. All are young people are nominated by their coach, teacher, youth worker in the community.


In the past we funded a young person through our campaign to attend veterinary college, we paid he fair for a year brought him some well needed equipment and he went on to finish he first year with a merit, he need that little bit of help and now is on the right path to for filling his dream driven by his passion.


We are all a Product of a Postcode our mentors and role models make us who we become in life. Help us help others to become the role models we are today