The Honey Wagon Back To Work Intervention  ​

Registered Charity Number UK: 1157899


As a charity we are now supplying manned luxury toilet trailers to raise funds for the charity so that we can become self sufficient as that has been a goal since day one, once again showing we don’t need funding to create change. This will become away that companies can support us by hiring our services and giving back to the community as we are a registered charity in the UK. 

 As part of our fight for a better life program this will now provide young people with a real job and a better future, all our young people will be fully trained at our training facility by fully qualified tutors, they will gain the skills and qualifications up to a level one standard in carpentry, electrics, plumbing and also painting and decorating, So that they can maintain and keep everything up to standard and functional and clean on location. These are practical much needed life skills, and much needed guidance, after working for the charity and gaining a good work ethic they can then go on to collage and gain the higher qualifications in there chosen industry and on to the path of the working world. Everyone needs that little bit of guidance when mentors and role models are lacking in our lives, let’s be the mentor and roles model in many young lives today.

Based on our previous programmes, we predict that the majority of the students will be male, but females do take part and this identifies a number of professions that have proved popular with all our participants.​

We believe that by providing a direct route to a qualification, we can ensure that young people enter education, employment or training. We have found that amongst unemployed young people that we have worked with, the greatest demand is for C2 ‘skilled manual worker’ roles that engage with their prior skills whilst not uprooting them from their communities and homes.​

With this in mind they would be able to select one of the following occupations, and the majority for their accredited training:​

  • Electrics​
  • Plumbing​
  • Carpentry​
  • Painting and decorating​​
  • Tiling

To Hire

If you are looking for a luxury toilet trailer for any occasion please do get in touch and be part of a young persons first step in to the working world.

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